So, there’s this game!

…that's really addicting!  It's called carpet ball!  Ever played it?Box We were given the carpet lined boxes and idea by some lovely friends in Raleigh (thank you!) and it has become a big hit in the free times of both our campers and our staff!

The game is played with striped and solid pool balls and one cue ball. With two people playing, one standing at each end, you take turns rolling the cue ball down the lane in the hopes of being the first to knock all your opponents balls down into the pits! This gets a little intense! Innocent bystanders have been known to dodge a few cue balls that have come flying out of the box! It may sound silly, but man is it fun!  And did I mention that it's addicting? (I may need a support group!) The great thing is that this game can be played by people of all ages and skill levels!

Tcue I've gotta say, usually the contestants are not in the box!  

T smile But when you're this cute, you can kinda get away with a lot! 

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