Rippin’ It Out!

Splash-waterslide   A highlight at camp in summers past has been the water slide!  Campers would sit at the top of 160 feet of white tarp set into hallowed-out earth, slip down the hill at neck-breaking speed, and plunge into the small pool of ice cold spring water…with a loss of breath and a smile!  They'd climb out, start back up the hill talking about their plunge the entire way and begin waiting their turn to do it all over again!

This has been summers past. 

Then HE (the health inspector) came!  Last year HE (we'll refer to him as the BAD GUY for our purposes here!)…the BAD GUY came and informed us that unless the pool at the bottom was given a pump and filtration system and was monitored by a trained life guard we could no longer use the slide.


Folks, the "pool" is a small hole that serves as a landing spot, and the whole set-up could be considered slightly hillbilly:)! So for us to invest the money to "bring it up to code" would just be ridiculous. (We'd love to get one of these to replace it!)

Since we are law-abiding citizens at Whisper Mountain we are doing what the other alternative was…

Rippin' it out…sad, we know!One

Oh, and these guys are sad too…they are losing a home!Three (well, he lost a little more than a home…he lost his head!)


(not pictured…ground hog!)

Change…such a hard part of life!

I hope you and your families enjoy this Memorial Day weekend!

I'll meet you back here on Tuesday!

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