Nagged into Existence

Tan-estore-bannerSM After years (and I mean years!) of nagging from my co-worker (aka: my husband!), I am finally getting a camp store up online! (I thought I better share this with you because it will serve to hold me accountable to actually getting it finished!)  If I were an amazing web/graphic designer, this would be a walk in the park, but I'm not that so the walk in the park actually feels a lot like a walk down a dark alley! Add to that a little someone at my elbow with that look on his face…  T-nagging…it's saying, I've had enoughMommy, pleeeeaaaaase take me far, far away from this awful office!  (I try to get him outside as much as possible, I promise!) That I am able to get anything accomplished is a miracle, really

Be looking for the grand opening of our camp store online to come next week sometime!  I'll be letting you know when it's ready!

In all your working today, may you find it possible to really enjoy it!

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