Let’s Get Visible!

This is just a little design I pulled together for a T-shirt for our upcoming teen girl's retreat.  

I am super excited about the printers of this shirt!  Someone I haven't seen or talked to in years has now become one of God's kids.  He and his buddy have started a company called Visible Christian. His company and our ministry have been the connection that started communication again! As I think about his life, (his hardships, his choices, his search) I can't help but be amazed at God's patience with us, His heart-healing love and forgiveness, His way of weaving our messes into beautiful tapestries!  It's just so amazing!  

Well, anyways, you can read their story and check out the goods on their website. At some point in our near future we are getting hooked up with a program that will allow you to enter a code when you purchase something off their site and money will be given to Whisper Mountain!  Woo-Hoo!  So check them out! But wait to buy until you get the code:)!

oh, and don't you love how we are all tailored made?!

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