Europeans in the Kitchen!

 Our European Craftsmen were up from Florida to install our new floor tile in the kitchen! (They've been along the trail before when they came to paint the cabins!)

Floor They were gone as quickly as they came, working in organized whirlwind fashion (jammin' to their Romanian tunes must have helped tremendously!) Of course there was a little time for playing!  The Craftsmen joined in on our locals paintball game we held at the camp over the weekend!


Paul-w-gun WIth each piece of tile they laid, our Romanian friends invested talent, hard work and generosity!Tile-guys We are completely thankful for them (and those generous donors who gave the tile in the first place!)  Now comes the fun of moving everything back in! (ugh!)

3 thoughts on “Europeans in the Kitchen!

  1. We will be missing you guys for sure…you’re manly strength is amazing!!! Remember, you’re more of a woman than Shaun is!!!!:)


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