My Work


These are already past due!  The brochures that will be used for marketing the camp this fall and winter.  If I was really on top of it (which clearly I am not!) they would have been printed in September.  Some camps have them done by the summer time (we are not in a position to accomplish that yet!).  But here it is Mid-October and we are almost ready to have them printed. A few more edits, then they're ready to go to print!


Graphic designing is something I am teaching myself.  I have found it to be both fun and overwhelming!  There is much to learn in this field.  I find myself constantly studying other people's work, reading articles online and from a magazine called Layers. About a year ago we were able to get the program I craved…Adobe Creative Suite! I haven't begun to plunge the depths of these programs' potentials, but every time I learn something new I feel like a little girl at Christmas, having opened the gift I really really wanted! I like that designing for camp has allowed me to use my creative juices toward something necessary!  How practical…which also fits me!

There's more to be working on!

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