Soggy Hugs



I'm very sad that the weather will not be more welcoming for the guests we will have at Whisper Mountain this weekend:(  Who wants to pack their bags, drive all the way into the mountains–propelled by high hopes and expectations of peaceful, sunny days and toasting marshmallows by the fire, feeling the wind on your face as they drive The Tail of the Dragon on motorcycles–just to get drenched?

Nonetheless (what a word!), we at Whisper Mountain will have our warm smiles ready to welcome each person, thrilled that they have come to seek out a haven from their worlds to find a little piece of quiet, and thrilled to reconnect with too-far-away friends!

I was needing some color on this dreary day…the rain didn't stop my camera from clicking!

So I share some fall color with you!  Good day to you!



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