A European Blessing!

At the camp, fall is a time to slow our pace a little, catch our breath, begin working on the days that will come, and do work projects.  It's not uncommon for individuals or small groups to come to Whisper Mountain to help out with those work projects.

This past week, our guys prepped the cabins and bathhouse by pressure washing them so that we could give them a little face lift!  Two guys were coming to paint them for us!  They had a sprayer, time to give, and a heart to see this ministry keep moving forward!  Adrian and Virgil, both from Romania but now living in Florida, are successful business owners who are friends of this ministry.  Adrian came last fall to install donated tile in our shower stalls (which we get compliments on all the time!)  This was our first time meeting Virgil, but we enjoyed our time with him and look forward to his coming again!

The weather was not prime for painting: windy and rainy.  But even with this, they were able to complete two cabins and the bathhouse.  As if that wasn't enough, they have left their sprayer (on loan) for us to be able to finish the other cabins!  We are grateful for their time and talent shared with us!

Here are some snapshots from these who are walking with us on this trail of ministry!




Of course, when you come to WM to work, we always make time for a little play! 

Adrian and Virgil had brought their 4-wheelers along! 

They enjoyed zooming down Tatham Gap's dirt road!


Thank you, European friends, for your time, talent, and heart shared with us!


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